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31st AUGUST 2023- 1st SEPTEMBER 2023





A unique 2 day HUMINT, OSINT and SOCMINT course to empower and up-skill the ability of the online law enforcement Analyst by an experienced law enforcement investigator. 

The understanding of human and social media intelligence is paramount in today's intelligence-led cyber investigations. With increasing hurdles like encryption, apps and hidden chatrooms, the gathering and developing of how someone uses the internet is becoming essential, in identifying targets.  

This course looks at both the digital footprint left by a target, but also , more importantly, the digital shadow they leave which they have no control over. We also look at network footprints , where to find them, and how to get them. 

There is no pre requisite knowledge or skills required to attend and successfully complete this course, other than the ability to use search engines on a PC. Delegates will be expected to bring a laptop with them to use. Attendees will download free and have included software during the course which they can take away with them and use post- course, in the fight to combat online criminality. 


Analysts and Digital investigators involved in the digital profiling of targets will especially benefit from this course. 

The course has an emphasis on practicals throughout online, and offline,  where the student can practice and be proficient in the practice of open source researcher.  Every session during the three days will have practical exercises throughout.  

Delegates will also be provided with a USB at the end of the course with 1000 tools, documents, and course notes which they will be able to keep as an aide memoir. Exclusive access to tutorials online and a library of 200+ tools, to practice and continue the methods taught on the course, when back in the workplace.  

Certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the course for all delegates, which will enhance their career development and career goals for the future. 




  • An investigator with 38 years  experience talking and training investigators on their level

  • Numerous practicals throughout to track suspects and build up analysis of digital footprint

  • Hands on live tracking and deep web searching 

  • Best professional practice re digital hygiene and evidence gathering

  • Best practice and trade craft in handling and analysing data from the internet. 

  • FREE Exclusive access to online data base of  400+ OSINT tools

  • FREE Exclusive access to online practical advice, and tutorials

  • FREE included OSINT software for you to take away and keep

  • FREE USB with 1000+ OSINT tools links, glossaries, and OSINT manuals

  • FREE Email support and advice post course.


  • Certificates issued to further personal development  


OSINT , SOCMINT gathering and analysis.

HUMINT evaluation, risk asessment and identifying actionable intelligence. 

Network Footprints and digital shadow

Server identification where subject inadvertently and accidentally leave footprints that they cannot control

Historic and Deleted Data

When a target deletes data, where can we find copies and shadows. deep and dark web searches.

Image analysis and track&trace. 

Data Analysis

The biggest problem for the investigator. We may identify the device , but can we associate that with an individual. This course shows you best practice to achieve this. 

Movement and Lifestyle.

This module looks at movement and lifestyle associated with the device footprint in order to identify commute routes, places frequented, times dates, speed direction, etc. The handset footprint can tells what this persons lifestyle is. This module will have workshops so you can identify the user, and real life examples of when this has been used. 


Matching data to existing data sets and charts . Blending data together effortlessly to identify the life of your target.

Alternative Sources. 

OSINT and obscure overlooked data sets value and inclusion in the analysis charts. 


Provision and access to over 1200 OSINT tools on my dedicated investigator training site which is a library of tools collected over the last 20 years in LEA. These cover everything. Delegates will be given access forever. Historic and specific searching. 

Website Analysis

Deep searching of links and connections into a website; common or accessed sites sharing the same server space. Identifying IP and owners of sites and upload location. Possible server vulnerabilities and exploits.


A headache for most prosecutors and investigators. We can put a device at a location but how do we show who was there with the device. What other clues are there to prove ownership and use? Let us look at them all. 

Human Anthropology

How we live, move and react with the real world is reflected in the digit footprint we leave in the virtual world. This session will look at where to look for clues in the data and footprint, to profile and help identify the person leaving it 

Social Engineering

This session gives the delegate an understanding of the origins, impact, and harm that the modern criminal social engineer plays in crime and intelligence security in the modern-day internet. It covers both attack and defense. Can we identify, exploit and copy their tactics? 


The course is designed to take the student through the full spectrum of topics necessary to be an effective Cyber Internet investigator. Whether it’s chasing cryptocurrencies, tracking pedophiles through keywords or images, or simply finding deep buried and historic data on your target, on the Darknet or the open web, this is the course for you. From network exploration and how we all leave digital footprints, to device tracking and bitcoin analysis, The course focuses on all online offenders and organized criminal gangs from financial criminal behavior to offenders against children.

The course also covers in detail, tracking and tracing images, Exif and meta-data, and live internet searches. The foray into the Darknet includes everything you need to know about anonymous networks their use, finding targets and tracing data on hidden networks. What cryptocurrency is and how it facilitates crime on the Darknet and how law enforcement can trace and analyse transactions.

Emphasis is placed upon the analysis of the data captured, in order to digitally profile the target. 


This masterclass is a full hands-on interactive course where the methodology and best practice is explained, and then the students practice the tradecraft live and online. Please be advised that this course is almost 50% practical workshops and exercises, so your own laptop is essential.The course will be a presentation and demonstration of the techniques. Students are encouraged to follow along during the course on the own laptop.

Cases and examples, both current and historic will be given throughout, to add depth and relevance to the methodology.


Students will each receive a course USB drive with associated software and resource material. Included on the USB drive are the software tools used during the course, tutorials, and over 1000 OSINT tool links to ensure they continue to have the tools they need, post-course. Certificates will also be issued. 

Cost per delegate: SIN$1595

The price includes course delivery, coffee and tea breaks, lunch for 2 days, certificates, software, handouts, and a USB with free tools. 

Hotel rooms and travel are at the expense of the delegate. There are a number of hotels nearby that provide government rates. 


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