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Terms and conditions of the agreement

1. Subscription and payment of bentac run courses.  

The fee paid is non-refundable:

  • 3 weeks prior to the course commencing.


  • Once course resources are sent out, whichever the earlier date.  

However, should the payee be unable to attend the training, a credit note will be issued for the full amount for a course in the future, and can be redeemed against any future course or product.

2. Live training courses

When arranging courses where the delivery is live and in-country, the fee for the course is required to secure the date. Prior to that payment the date can be allocated to other clients and is not a firm booking until the payment is made.

The fee is non-refundable if:

  1. The client cancels within 4 weeks of the course being held. The balance, however, can be issued as a credit and used for a future date.

  2. Any expenses incurred at this point by Bentac, (such as flights, hotels, visas, etc) will be deducted from the balance and the client will be required to pay the deficit prior to the new date. Bentac will endeavour to keep these to a minimum and recover them where they can.

  3. In these uncertain times, where covid test, restrictions and other third-party interference prevent travel and the course commencing, this will not trigger a refund. The course will be rearranged and both parties will endeavour to minimise loss due to re-arrangement. Any costs incurred as a result of this section is the responsibility of each party.

The fee is fully refundable if Bentac cancels the course other than those stated in 2a-c above. Rearrangement of the date of the course does not constitute cancellation. However, a credit will be issued until a suitable date is arranged, should the client be unable to attend the rescheduled date. 


3. All courses.

Any student or body that book a course and delay payment until after the course, or awaiting approval from their finance department, will be held legally responsible for the payment, and any legal fees incurred in recovery of the said fees.

4. Booking terms and conditions

Due to demand for dates, and clients not coming back with confirmation, I have had to impose the following booking conditions.


Dates offered.

When dates are offered to a client, they are provisional and non-binding. The person provisionally booking, agrees and understands that the dates are offered to other clients. Bentac will give warning where possible that soft booked dates are being sought by other clients.  

The dates are only confirmed and hard booked when one of the following occur:

  1. A P.O. is issued by the client as proof of the course proceeding.

  2. A contract is issued as proof of the course proceeding.

  3. A deposit of 50% is issued and received.

  4. Written email guarantee is received from the client that they are proceeding. This condition is only valid where a client is a return customer.  This is a legally binding agreement that the work will proceed.

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