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I'm speaking at the ISS conferences

Im speaking at the above ISS conferences in 2 capacities. Firstly, as a speaker for ISS telestrategies, and presenting a whole days OSINT and SOCMINT training to the delegates free of charge with the entrance, as long as you have an LEA or Gov badge. 

Secondly, I'll be speaking on behalf of Cleatrtrail technologies, about their innovative and cutting edge analysis tools and solutions.


The cyber investigators essential toolbox - Practitioners Guide to Internet Investigations

The aim of this 1-day seminar is to take the attendees from the basics of understanding the Internet, how to covertly discover live and deleted data, through to a full understanding of best practice of an Internet investigator, building their OSINT toolbox. Having awareness and knowledge of all the tools available to achieve this. It is aimed primarily at the investigator, delivered from the perspective of detective, to empower them to have the best methodology and tradecraft to profile and catch suspects.
This is exclusively Law Enforcement military and government only, as Practical examples, covert and investigative methodology and tradecraft will be given throughout the seminar. Free tools in every session. This seminar is not structural or theoretical practices and awareness. Its hands-on practical techniques.

The Internet, and how suspects leave a Digital Footprint. How the system works for us, as investigators

Recognizing Traffic Data and digital profiling via social networks and devices - digital shadows

WIFI, geolocation, and Mobile Data traces and tracking

Exploiting and circumnavigating Masking Tech,( encro’s, VPN’s, TOR and proxies)

Advanced Techniques in Tracing Suspects, and lateral problem solving.

Open-Source Tools, PART 1. Resources, tradecraft and techniques – Before you use the tools you need to know the tools that enable you to be safe and how to hide……. PART 2 on Thursday.


15:00-15:40 Session B Wednesday
The Encryption Battlefield: Leveraging Metadata for Real-World Intelligence Missions
Presented by ClearTrail and Mark Bentley, we will be demoing and highlighting the power of CARBN.AI

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