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Trusted Partners

This page showcases the trusted partners in the industry that I have worked with, whos contribution to the fight against criminal behaviour compliments Bentac's vision. In no order of preference, all are amazing. 


ClearTrail technologies

Based in India, but with a global reach, this company has developed cutting edge and ground breaking solutions for law enforcment and government, to collect and analyse social media, telecoms traffic, and big data sets to empower the investigator

JTOL provide a complete data collection and analyses solution that meets the stringent demands of security and IT today.


With over 25 years of Law Enforcement IT Technical Support Experience in covert and overt tracking, secure IT system design, IT management and user requirement capture, there is no better company to work with.

ISS 2324.jpg

ISS TeleStrategies

The world leaders in cyber conferencing, globally, that bring investigators and solution comanies together around the globe. I am proud and honoured to be associated with them for over 10 years.


Without exception, the best OSINT phone/email scraper tool on the market today , which deep scrapes account and profile data from extensive sources, based on phone and email data

I recommend this tool on all my OSINT courses as the go-to, for gathering intelligence on the web, both surface data and deep data.

Free test scraper is great, the licenced version is exceptional.



A bunch of really clever people in the Czech republic, who provide cutting edge solutions for data, darkweb and bitcoin. Check them out.




Without doubt, the global leaders in Darkweb / Tor data collection, analysis and harvesting. If you do darkweb investigations, these are your guys.

Area S.p.A

Based in Italy, and respected throughout the world by goverment and law enforement, Area are global leaders in data solutions and digital surveillance and interception. Check them out.

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