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Essential good practice and tradecraft in presenting reports on digital media and investigations

(2 days online)

7-8th Feb 2024 9:00 EST/ 15:00 CET

First 20 places half price


Key takeaways:

  • Effective reporting of the collection of intelligence and evidence

  • Evidential standard report writing to court standards, by converting digital no tangible intelligence into standards expected by courts and police.

  • Due diligence report writing for online investigations.

  • Robust intelligence reports to support an internal investigation or findings.

  • Practice in creating Digital signatures to protect the integrity of the intelligence found.

  • Exclusive access to online data base of 200+ OSINT tools

  • Exclusive access to online practical advice, and tutorials

  • included OSINT software for you to take away and keep.

  • USB with 1000+ OSINT tools links, glossaries, and OSINT manuals

  • Email support and advice post course.

  • Course certificate to enhance career development.


What You Will Learn from This Masterclass:

  • AWARENESS around investigative reports to a high standard that will stand rigorous scrutiny by another party or court.

  • MASTER the latest and updated methods and tradecraft to protect digital intelligence gathered and ‘seal’ it in a virtual evidence bag, to prove integrity and honesty on the part of the investigator.

  • ADOPT the latest cutting-edge tools in relation to social media intelligence monitoring.

  • STEP UP investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations and avoid pitfalls and scrutiny.

  • STRENGTHEN investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations by converting nontangible data and intelligence into evidential matter.

  • Develop high quality reports and evidence relating to online investigations and intelligence.



Masterclass Overview:

The Expert-Led Digital Masterclass, held over 2 days, covers the latest cutting-edge tools, tradecraft and proactive investigation methodology in relation to Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) monitoring, and the subsequent recording of that to an evidential standard. This Masterclass looks at both the digital footprint left by a target, but also, more importantly, handling of that data to anticipate its effect on the case against an individual.  Delegates will have the opportunity to look at network footprints, where to find them, and how to get them.



Course structure

Day 1

How to collect and record effectively. How to understand the source of intelligence and what attributes it has. Understanding its collection. Analyzing its collection and seeking parallel and unique other sources to corroborate the gathered intelligence.

Day 2

Recording and preserving intelligence and protecting the integrity of digital data. Being able to give verbal or written evidence on its collection confidently and understanding its value and integrity.

Effective and evidential report writing to put before a judge or legal body to stand up as evidence.


The content of this unique Masterclass is not offered anywhere else. The course material is supported by real world examples and incidents. This Masterclass has an emphasis on practical both online and offline, where the delegates can practice and be proficient in the practice of open-source researcher.


Who Should Attend (public sector):

Military, government, and police investigators with the following job titles:

  • Counterintelligence Investigators

  • Cybercrime Intelligence Officers

  • Digital Media Examination and Device Investigators

  • Intelligence Analysts

  • Intelligence Collection Managers

  • Law Enforcement Investigators

  • Military Intelligence Officer


Who Should Attend (Private sector):

  • Investigative journalists

  • Private investigators

  • Counter corruption investigators

  • Corporate intelligence analysts, for due diligence and organisational security

  • Security Researchers



Why You Should Attend:


Protecting the integrity of a real-world exhibit is easy and straight forward. Applying the same level of  procedure to a non-tangible item such as a screen shot, is much harder. This course will allow you to achieve this level of protection against scrutiny, which is paramount if the report will go on to support action against a member of staff, evidence against a threat actor or subject, or support of a case, arrest, or a warrant in court.

Participate in this Masterclass to learn from Mark Bentley, who has over 38 years of experience in this field on how to accomplish effective investigations of OSINT and SOCMINT.



This masterclass is a full hands-on interactive course where the methodology and best practice is explained, and then the students practice tradecraft live and online. Please be advised that this course is almost 50% practical workshops and exercises, so your own laptop is essential. The course will be a presentation and demonstration of the techniques. Students are encouraged to follow along during the course on their own laptop.

Cases and examples, both current and historic will be given throughout, to add depth and relevance to the methodology.


  • Online Profile Interrogation and Building – digital profile building

-Creating digital profiles

-gathering and analyzing data found


  • Social Network Data Harvesting - OSINT and SOCMINT Analysis

- Effective data scraping

- Specific analysis of online social data

- Digital profile building

- Good tradecraft in collection and recording


  • Report writing and collation.

Presentation of reports in accepted formats for intelligence and evidence.


  • Searching for Data in The Deep Web

- Deep web scraping to find all data available, even deleted, and hidden

-Using the best and most effective tools

-Techniques and good tradecraft


  • OSINT Tool Use and Practical - Best Tools and Tradecraft

- Tradecraft and techniques

- Practicing with some of the 100 OSINT tools offered



  • Search Techniques and Awareness.

- Tool practice and use

- Identifying the best and most effective tools



  • Proactive and Innovative Techniques

- Digital surveillance techniques and methods

- Digital surveillance assistance and tricks


  • Converting digital data into evidence or actionable data

  • Digital surveillance techniques and methods

- Digital surveillance assistance and tricks




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