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Data analysis for legal offices


A service for both prosecution and defence legal teams to have an expert look at data sets and internet footprint logs, to give an unbiased and expert view on the content of data in order to see if the contents prove or disprove a point made by the prosecution or defence. Can be called to give expert witness evidence in court on the matter. 


Obviously this service is entirely based upon the complexity and time taken to analyse and report on the findings.  Please enquire now for a quote. 


We will agree to any non disclosure agreements when appointed to look at data, and are completely confidential and secure. 

Previous engagements

We have given evidence at all levels of court on data analysis, in the UK and abroad, and been accepted by the judge as an expert witness based on certificates and experience, and being a home office certificated data analyst. 


About the speaker



Mark Bentley, of BENTAC training, is a globally recognised communications data expert, and OSINT specialist, who works as an adviser, trainer and consultant to security services, government and police forces around the world. His experience is based on 38 years as a detective, which includes experience gained working for the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), Metropolitan police, Child Exploitation and Online Exploitation (CEOP), and UK government agencies, in the capacity of overt, reactive and covert operations management. With 20+ years in financial investigation, as a qualified financial investigation development officer (FIDO) , he has been at the cutting edge of investigating financial transactions online, laundering, carouselling financial transactions and online laundry operations. Mark has been involved in the tracking of high profile cases, persons and vessels and is the open source expert and lead advisor for forces and government agencies both domestic and abroad. His specialist area is device tracking and interrogation, pedophile digital profiling, alternative profile digital shadowing, Vehicle telematics, crypto currency tracing, Advanced OSINT skills, injection and weaponising. Mark presents this and other subjects to government and law enforcement globally and lecturers for international policing organisations around the globe,  Child protection services, UK Gov cyber capability building programme, EU cybercrime twinning project, Government agencies, Military, The Council of Europe and The UK College of Policing. He runs his own training company and law enforcement open sourcing tools site to empower and train officers around the world on best practice and lateral thinking in investigations online.




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