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PRAGUE Darkweb & Crypto

A 1 day masterclass in tracking and tracing darkweb users and pages, servers,markets and Crypto.

The course follows with the ISS telestrategies conference in Prague, so if youre in town why not extend a day. 

Course is only £99 / €115 / CZK2800


Content/ Modules

Understanding the Dark Web

Understanding what the Darknet really can be a challenge. The technology behind the Darknet is not a single program or location. This session will explore what the Darknet is and how it differs from the Deep web.


Setting up a safe browser to track and trace covertly

This session will look at the Tor network how it works and methods for using it during an investigation.


Crypto Currency and its use in the Darknet

Do you need to understand how to track the funds through various cryptocurrencies? How do wallets work and is there any evidence I can use when I find one? This session will provide you with the ability to understand and deal with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during your investigations.


Advanced Darknet/Dark Web Investigations, identifying the anonymous user

Are there legally available methods which we can implement to identify anonymous users on the Internet? The answer is yes. This session will discuss the techniques available to the investigator to identify users of anonymization on the Internet.


Covert online searching and profile building

Tracking duplicates, sources uploading, meta data and exif data interrogation and identifiers to establish device, location, source, and tracking. Hashing and searching for sharing and uploading significant images. Providing sufficient data and intel to support dissemination to active teams and support warrants and surveillance authorities.

Darkweb images track and trace

Tracking and tracing images, identifying common meta data on sites to identify common users and establish links with surface web entities.

Darkweb forum and marketplace interrogation

Interrogating the data travelling in and out of a marketplace to ID users

Tor server creation and management

Key takeaways:

  • Crypto currency structure and networks

  • How it all works and what is visible

  • Awareness around different coins

  • Setting up systems to monitor and track

  • Covert and hidden investigators tradecraft and methodology.

  • Understanding the blockchain, pools and exchanges

  • Tools awareness to assist and track coin transactions.

  • Exploits and weaknesses

  • Email support and advice post course.

  • Course certificate to enhance career development and intelligence.

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