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SPECIALIST financial crime Master Class and Workshop,

28th September 2020- 1st Oct 2020

-Everything the financial investigator  needs to effectively do their job 

$600 / £485/ €550 pp ( discounts for multiples)







About the Course

LOUGHNANE ASSOCIATES and BENTAC, are excited to announce our new joint training masterclass, bringing together the expertise from Michael Loughnane, a globally recognised expert in financial investigations, and tradecraft, and Mark Bentley, a leading authority and specialist in Deep web OSINT, tradecraft and covert interaction and searching. A combined Seventy-plus years of law enforcement and investigation experience between them, ensures that those attending get the very best training in this arena today. We believe we are unique in our approach and no other course offers the experience and depth that we offer. There is no training online that matches this content and depth that we are aware of. 

Mission Statement

The workshop and masterclass, held over 4 days, covers the very best up to date methods and tradecraft to equip the modern day financial investigator with all the latest cutting edge tools and proactive investigation methodology. The content of this unique course not offered anywhere else. The course material is supported by real world examples and incidents. This is not a general lecture course. This course will provide the student with the understanding of how to accomplish effective investigation financial matters, both virtual and real world. The course will allow Law enforcement to step up their investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations the anonymity of carouselling and laundering online. This is an advanced level course presented from an investigators point of view. Those with a non-technical background will also benefit from the material presented. The course is strictly restricted to Government,  Military, Banking and police, as it contains new and innovative methodology and techniques.

Course structure

The course is designed to take the student through the full spectrum of topics necessary to be an effective Cyber Internet investigator. Whether it’s chasing cryptocurrencies, tracking real world laundering, , or simply finding deep buried and historic data on your target, on the Darknet or the open web, this is the course for you. From network exploration and how we all leave digital footprints, to device tracking and bitcoin analysis, The course focusses on all online offenders and organised criminal gangs relating to financial criminal behaviour  

The course also covers in detail, advanced and covert open source techniques and live internet searches. The foray into the Darknet includes everything you need to know about anonymous networks their use, finding targets and tracing data on hidden networks. What cryptocurrency is and how it facilitates crime on the Darknet and how law enforcement can trace and analyse transactions.


This masterclass is a full hands-on interactive course where the methodology and best practice is explained, and then the students practice the tradecraft live and online.  Please be advised that this course is heavy with practical workshops and exercises, so your own laptop is essential. The course will be a presentation and demonstration of the techniques. Students are encouraged to follow along during the course on the own laptop.

Cases and examples, both current and historic will be given throughout, to add depth and relevance to the methodology.

Students will receive

Students will each receive an electronic copy of some of the course material, Step-by-step instructions for all exercise, handouts and cheat-sheets for quick reference to detailed information sources and a course ONLINE LIBRARY with associated software and resource material. Included on the LIBRARY are the software tools used during the course, tutorials and over 1000 OSINT tool links to ensure they continue to have the tools they need, post course.

Elements and modules

The content of this unique course are not offered anywhere else. The course material is supported by real world examples and incidents. This is not a general lecture course. This course will provide the student with the understanding of how to accomplish effective investigation of Internet and Darknet crimes, sites and users, as well as real world tradecraft and good practice. . The course will allow Law enforcement to step up their financial investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by the anonymity of the Darknet and the complication of Internet data collection and analysis. Effective analysis of data back from banks and online sites, and how to get the most from it to identify the target. 

The session descriptions below are specifically short so as not to specifically publish specific techniques and methods. This course will fully explore each area during the individual sessions. Use of any of these new and innovative methods and techniques explained during the sessions will be up to the individual and the agencies to implement based on their ability and any legal constraints applied by their jurisdiction.


  • Online traditional banking structure and cryptocurrency footprints

  • Concerns and Considerations in Financial Crime Analysis - Fronts, Shells, Gatekeepers

  • Concerns and Considerations in cryptocurrency Crime Analysis- Good digital tradecraft and best practice for operational investigations

  • Planning for a Criminal Financial Fraud Investigation

  • Critical thinking elements in case planning, building an effective investigation plan.

  • Online tools to examine digital footprints and tracing financial footprints . Covertly and effectively. Access to 300 OSINT tools

  • How to browse covertly and completely safely- ghosting. Legal implications and safe surfing

  • Counter Financial Crime Structures ( Session 1)

  • FATF, BSA, EU Directives, Egmont Group, Sanctions

  • Role of the Central Banks, FedWire, Automated Clearing House and SWIFT Message Analysis

  • Analysis of content found in SWIFT messaging, including Account numbers, IBAN, sender/beneficiary information and application to Money Laundering/

  • Fraud investigations Exercises

  • Best practice and good tradecraft around Fraud investigations

  • Social Engineering - the most powerful tool an online fraudster has in his armoury.

  • How to spot the cheats, disrupt their operations and bring them to justice.

  • Collection and Financial Intelligence Analysis -- Drill down on PEP, KYC, beneficial ownership, internal banking structures, transaction monitoring, etc

  • Money Laundering and Regional Considerations -- Money laundering basics and activity

  • Financial Sources and Compliance Considerations- - Records critical to financial investigations, international standards and compliance laws

  • Hawala and other Remittance Systems Understanding methods of remittance; challenges and considerations for investigations

  • Trade Based Money Laundering -- Types of documents encountered, their purpose, and why and how they are falsified in TBML schemes

  • Virtual Currencies and Financial Analysis

  • Virtual Assets, Stablecoins, compliance and emerging trends, and challenges and

  • considerations for investigations

  • Online Search Warrants, MLATS, Letters Rogatory ILOR

  • Financial Assessment Modelling/Patterns and Anomalies

  • Net worth analysis, establishing behavioral patterns, and detecting unidentified value and

  • anomalies.

  • Managing and Documenting Financial Evidence

  • Financial Investigative Reporting vs. Financial Intelligence Reporting; structuring data for analysis




Mike Loughnane, CFE, CAMS

Mike Loughnane started his career as a Special Agent in the with the US Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General in 1981 where he investigated a number of complex matters in fraud, waste and abuse. including highway construction bid rigging, contract fraud, including  disadvantaged business enterprise fraud and altered/counterfeit aircraft parts. 

In 1993, he joined the newly formed Procurement Fraud Division at the Environmental Protection Agency OIG to specialize in the more difficult fraud investigations impacting EPA programs.  


Within his investigative career he has investigated a number of fraud and program integrity cases, including one of the first government purchase card fraud cases and a civil investigation that led to the largest cost avoidance settlement at the time for the Department of Justice, involving 14 other departments and agencies.  


In the late 1990's Mike was  tasked with developing a computer crimes investigation capability at the EPA OIG.  In 2003, Mike was promoted Director of Special Operations at the EPA OIG, with oversight in the cybercrime/forensic program as well as all OIG employee integrity investigations.  

In 2007, Mike joined Booz Allen Hamilton as a Lead Associate, working as an IT security expert.  In this role he managed computer network security accreditation teams positioned at U.S. government clients. In 2010, he was positioned as an instructor for the US Department of Defense where he designed and delivered analytical and critical thinking training courses in counter threat finance and financial crime investigation methods to the US intelligence community, federal law enforcement, and the regulatory agencies.  


Mike, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Antimoney Laundering Specialist,  also delivers training in  the business and financial sectors concerned with illicit networks, anti-money laundering, and counter-terror finance.  

Mike is currently very active in the academic and NGO community. supporting their efforts in revealing corruption and illicit activities around the world.




Mark Bentley

Mark Bentley, of BENTAC training, is a globally recognised communications data expert, and OSINT specialist, who works as an adviser, trainer and consultant to security services, government and police forces around the world. His experience is based on 36 years as a detective, which includes experience gained working for the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), Metropolitan police, Child Exploitation and Online Exploitation (CEOP), and UK government agencies, in the capacity of overt, reactive and covert operations management.


With 20+ years in financial investigation, as a qualified financial investigation development officer (FIDO) , he has been at the cutting edge of investigating financial transactions online, laundering, carouselling financial transactions and online laundry operations in the darkweb. Mark has been involved in the tracking of high profile cases, persons and vessels and is the open source expert and lead advisor for forces and government agencies both domestic and abroad.


His specialist areas are device tracking and interrogation, pedophile digital profiling, alternative profile digital shadowing, Vehicle telematics, crypto currency tracing, Advanced OSINT skills, injection and weaponising. Mark presents this and other subjects to government and law enforcement globally and lecturers for international policing organisations around the globe,  Child protection services, UK Gov cyber capability building programme, EU cybercrime twinning project, Government agencies, Military, The Council of Europe and The UK College of Policing. He runs his own training company and law enforcement open sourcing tools site to empower and train officers around the world on best practice and lateral thinking in investigations online.



Course Fees

$600 / £485/ €550 pp. Discounts when booked as a multiple of 2 or more.  . Please email me for further discounts for groups of 4 or more. 



Online secure 

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