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PRIVATE WORKSHOPS (Single organisations)




A 1-2 day interactive workshop and training course with a focus on OSINT essentials for the investigator. This course enhances the capabilities for the modern day digital investigator and analyst. Its both of use to the experienced practitioner to remind themselves of good practice and tradecraft, as it is for the new investigator to learn the best way to accomplish the tasks. 

This event is in your time zone and date chosen by you. 

Live examples and practical applications throughout the days with an emphasis on good digital hygiene and tradecraft. Extensive actual case histories included to show practical applications. 

 Key areas covered


  • Online profile interrogation and building.

  • Social network data harvesting.

  • Device tracking

  • Legislation (DPA, GDPR, EUDRD, ECHR, RIPA, IPA 2016, CHIS bill )

  • Searching for data in the deep web

  • OSINT tool use and practical’s

  • Live tracking and monitoring

  • Best practice in intelligence and evidence gathering

  • Search techniques and awareness.

  • Proactive and innovative techniques

  • Understanding social engineering and using it against targets.

  • Good digital hygiene and tradecraft to effectively and professionally search online

  • Best practice

  • Law around online surveillance and privacy

  • How to search effectively using boolean terms and techniques

  • Where to look

  • Understanding search engines and browsers

  • Understanding Social networks and how they gather intelligence

  • Image searching


Due to the lecturers experience in these fields, the course can be adapted to highlight investigations into specifically or any of the following learning objectives. :

  • Fraud and money laundering

  • Child protection and investigating those who harm children.

  • Dark web investigations and crypto currency centric operations.

  • Counter terrorism

  • Sport corruption, betting and fixing.

  • New and experienced investigators OSINT training

  • Human trafficking and exploitation

  • Digital online and real world surveillance technology

  • Vetting and digital profiling

  • Prosecutor and judicial cybercrime awareness

  • Manhunts and tracking.




  • Interactive sessions with the presenter. 

  • Workbook to enhance the course practicals. 

  • Access to 1000+ OSINT and SOCMINT tools .

  • A pdf library of useful articles and data relating to OSINT and SOCMINT methods and tradecraft

  • Certificates of completion ( for personal development) will be emailed out after the course. 

  • Post course support. 


UK £1200 per day ( plus VAT if UK booking)

That works out at £40 per person for 30 delegates. 

If you're interested , drop me a line HERE