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FREE* 3 day course

******POL/MIL/GOV only******

I am hosting a free 3 day OSINT cyber investigators course to all investigative managers and budget holders looking for solutions to criminal activity in Africa. 

The course will be held in Central Nairobi. The course is completely free. *However, travel to kenya,  to the venue, and accommodation is your responsibility. 

 Key areas covered.  

  • Online profile interrogation and building.

  • Combatting and identifying encrypted chat groups

  • Data gathering and mass data analysis

  • identifying and analysing criminal groups  using web based money transfers and chat apps

  • Social network data harvesting.

  • Online entity   - tracking and tracing those in control of websites and accounts

  • Device tracking and tracing

  • Searching for data in the deep web

  • OSINT tool use and practical’s

  • Live tracking and monitoring

  • Best practice in intelligence and evidence gathering.

  • Covert and safe Search techniques and awareness.

  • Proactive and innovative techniques

  • Understanding social engineering and using it against targets.

Learning expectations, outcomes, and objectives.

  • MASTER understanding the internet and exploits.

  • CAPTURE data relating to all internet transactions and analysis.

  • EQUIP yourself with the latest and updated methods and tradecraft to proactive investigation.

  • ADOPT the latest cutting-edge tools in relation to the modern investigator.

  • STEP UP investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by online tools and techniques.

  • STRENGTHEN investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations when deployed.

  • DEVELOP high quality reports and evidence relating to online investigations and intelligence.

  • Free and paid solutions from trusted vendors, to combat crime in your country.

Course delivery, tools and documents , and lunch will be provided. 

Register an interest. This not confirmation.

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