Bentley Training And Consultancy is a one-stop-shop for all your Law enforcement and Government training and consulting needs.

Backed by 38 years in Law enforcement , and security cleared to the highest level, BENTAC provide government, public and non-public sector organisations with cutting edge tactical training and consultancy on all cybercrime subjects and topics. OSINT, SOCMINT and HUMINT specialists.

Since 2012, we’ve helped clients achieve their goals by providing the advice and guidance they need in order to take action, empower with vital knowledge, and keep up-to-date and one step ahead with IT security, cyber criminal tracking, Open Source training and investigator awareness, in an ever-changing digital world.




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"Your delivery and course has been exceptional; with students complimenting you on style of delivery, subject matter knowledge and an ability to bring the learning to life. It has enthused students to return to force and encourage others to request access to specifically your courses by showing the benefits of MCCT to the investigative process. Your ability and willingness to add depth and breadth to the core product with your experience have really contextualised the subject matter and provided a valuable learning experience for the students."

"BENTAC became an integral part of the team using their skills as a subject matter experts to initiate the mainstream cyber-crime programme. BENTAC used their excellent organisation skills to re-write the trainer notes and enhance the overall delivery. BENTAC were soon mentoring and coaching other trainers to a high standard. They have been pivotal to the success of the mainstreaming cyber-crime programme which trained over 5,000 frontline police investigators in cyber-crime investigation."

"The best course I have ever been on. I was part of the team who signed off the funds to support this course, and its the best decision we ever made. My organisation is so much better off for the training we received from BENTAC. We have already seen significant results in our investigations .We are looking for further funding to continue the excellent relationship we have with this company. I thoroughly recommend BENTAC to any investigation organisation."

MO, Cyber training Project manager, Leading UK police training facility

TB, Project lead, Government law enforcement training hub

FD, DWP cybercrime investigation desk, UK benefits agency

"Since Mark came and trained our office, within 2 weeks we had achieved results in tracking and tracing that we couldn't achieve previously. Mark gives a unique perspective on how to approach a problem or task by giving the officers skills to look at the problem in a different way. His first course was so successful that we have had him back for refreshers and updates, and are planning to have all the new members of our team have the benefit of his insight and knowledge when they start in their post . Worth every penny."

Section Chief, US government Agency



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