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A 1 day intensive specialist workshop and training course with a focus on probably the most important piece of intelligence OSINT will throw up about your target

Live examples and practical applications throughout the day with an emphasis on good digital hygiene and tradecraft. Extensive actual case histories included to show practical applications. 

Subject ,matter includes live training on the following:

  • Image tracking and tracing techniques

  • Meta data and exif data interrogation and identifiers to establish device

  • Image tracing- copies, who shares it, where the copies are, who has access

  • Tracking duplicates, sources uploading, ,

  • location, source and tracking.

  • Hashing and searching for sharing and uploading significant images.  

  • Track and trace deleted and historic images. 

  • Tracking and tracing Darkweb users by their images. 

  • Using images as weapons to combat and frustrate criminal activity

All software used to accomplish this course is provided free of charge. 

The day consist of six one hour sessions, separated by 15 minute comfort breaks and a short lunch break.

The sessions are as follows

This course is ideally suited to Child protection units, ICE, CT and other investigators where images play an integral part in their investigations. 

No sensitive or indecent material is shown during this course. 

Places are strictly limited due to the capabilities of the software. 

How it works.

Upon payment, you will receive confirmation of registration.

In the week before, you will receive a link to join the webinar at the appointed time, along with a pdf work book which you will be required to print off. 

Tech requirement. The access software is supported by Apple and Microsoft. You may be asked to download the webinar access app. 

After the course, some content will be available via a link. 

During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions of the presenter, by typing into a secure chat room. 

Included in the price:

  • Access to all 6 sessions on the day in question

  • Interactive sessions with the presenter. 

  • Workbook to enhance the course practicals. 

  • Access to 300+ OSINT and SOCMINT tools .

  • A pdf library of useful articles and data relating to OSINT and SOCMINT methods and tradecraft

  • Certificates of completion ( for personal development) will be emailed out after the course. 

  • Post course support. 


UK £90

US $110

EU €103

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