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Child Protection Digital investigators toolbox ( 3 day) Various dates.

Digital foot printing, open sourcing , monitoring and analysis of Social networks and devices, in relation to lifestyle analysis, identifying offenders online, and track and trace vulnerable children.

Course Outline

This course us designed for the cyber investigator involved in offender management and
identification of offenders against children, through their online footprint, chatrooms, image
sharing forums and digital shadow. Management of known offenders will also feature, with
investigator tradecraft to harvest and identify online surfing which is against parole and bail

The course theme is that of paedophile tracking and management, and examples to add
context will be given throughout. Therefore delegates should be involved in this area of
work and trained to deal with the nature of these investigations. No exposure to visual CP
images will take place, but content will be alluded to. This course is also suitable, and of
great benefit to, Cyber investigators not involved in child protection and offender
management as it is focusses on digital hygiene , tradecraft and good practice.
Tradecraft tools and techniques will also be discussed re tracking and tracing missing and
vulnerable children.

Delegates will be provided with a USB to keep, containing training examples, documents ,
plus over 1000 open source tools links to assist the delegate , post course
This course is also suitable and of great benefit to Cyber investigators not involved in child
protection and offender management as it is all about digital hygiene and good practice.

Learning objectives

The Key areas/covered and learning objectives are:
- Identifying means to track and identify offenders
- Awareness of forums and chat rooms used by offenders
- How to open source offenders safely and covertly
- Identifying traits and common methods used by targets
- Covert and passive profile building and use to monitor chat rooms and blogs
- Effective deep and dark web monitoring
- Child abuse Image tracking and origin identification
- Offender management and investigating breaches of parole/ bail conditions by digital
shadow analysis
- Digital hygiene and tradecraft
- Social engineering to catch offenders
- Missing children- tracking and tracing tools and techniques.
- Awareness and practice in dark web chatrooms and forums.

Setting the scene

- Understanding the social network footprints and locations
- Exploiting social network sites terms and conditions
- Social engineering tricks and vulnerabilities
- Geolocation of devices and lifestyle analysis through data
- Tools and tradecraft - how and where to search



Where are traces left and how can we discover them
- Where to find data and traces on the deep web
- Digital hygiene
- Exploits and tricks
- Alternative sources of data
- Image tracking and tracing
- Tracking exercises ( Social networking, movement, access, devices)
- Comparing data sets and creating profiles/ online network
- Covert internet investigations and Online interaction without exposure
- Creating online, non attributable profiles to allow online monitoring to be unseen.
- Analysing data to eatables commuting routes, places frequented, speed and direction
analysis, devices used, browsing history, temporal analysis)
- Gathering raw API data from social networking tools without the use of Production
orders or approaching the sites.

Tools and tradecraft

Delegates will be provided with a usb containing over 1000 links to useful free OSINT tools
online analysis tools . They will also have access to the presenters data base of 200+ OSINT tools online

Awareness and tradecraft around analysis of:

• Digital community links, political beliefs and comments data bases
• Lifestyle footprints
• Movement ( both digitally and real world)
• Real world places used/ frequented/ access points/ home/ associates.
• Online digital places used/ frequented/ access points/ sites/ political beliefs
• Identifying devices used and their vulnerabilities

Target Audience

This course is law enforcement/ government / Local authority child protection officers/
intelligence agency focused and, contains tradecraft and protected methodology. There will
also be real world examples and cases used to add context to the methodology.

C$2300 per person

Price includes:


Delegates will arrange rooms at their own costs.  



Mark Bentley has over 36 years experience as a law enforcement officer, with over 10 in
child protection and offender tracking. As the data comes manager at the UK Child
Exploitation and Online Protection government unit in London (CEOP), he was exposed to
offender data and footprints on a daily basis and honed his skills in tracking offenders. This
provides him with an expert knowledge and insight into offender behaviour, and on device
and social network tracking and monitoring. The course includes solved real life cases
being quoted, to add depth, relevance and context to the course.

The course content is such that this course is not suitable for investigators not used to
dealing with pedophile offenders and their interests in children. Ideally, officers from ICE,
NCMEC, ICMC, ALERT, MCSC, USMS child protection, and Child protection
professionals are the target audience. Government and local authority social workers in
this arena are also welcome.

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