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1 day  FREE OSINT  Cyber investigator training conference and presentation for managers


OCTOBER 11, 2020

مؤتمر تدريبي مجاني على الإنترنت لمدة يوم واحد وعرض تقديمي للمديرين

This is a FREE one day cyber training seminar  for all police, government and military organisations in the UAE, to experience and understand how the BENTAC training can enhance the capabilities and skills of all your cyber investigators.

Topics covered include darkweb and tor tracking, device geolocation and tracing, deep web investigations and tracking crypto currency.


Places are strictly limited to 50. Attendees MUST register. Lunch and coffee will be provided for the delegates, as will free valet parking.  Managers and training booking officers only.


 For Security, you will be required to identify yourself as a training manager to enable us to issue a pass to this event. Do NOT just email us from an anonymous email and ask for a pass. You will not be grated one.

Please apply by pressing the button below. This is not an automatic invite. You will only be granted access to the event when we have sent you a invitation. 

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