Fixed price* US$9000 / CA$12000 / £7300*


You provide the classroom, computers, broadband and upto 30 delegates, I provide the training. Simple. 

* includes training delivery, expenses, flights, hotel, certificates, USBs and documents. 

The Course

Open source investigation is not a simple task anymore. Threat actors and criminals have become more sophisticated and cunning in their online presence. The result of this is the practice of OSINT gathering has become a fine art and skill. This course will enable the delegate to stay ahead of the curve. 


The course is intended for the internet cybercrime investigator and researcher, in order to take them from the basic researcher who understands the basics of internet investigation,  to advanced open source researcher, able and proficient in providing high quality reports and evidence relating to online investigations and intelligence. 

Key elements

    • An investigator with 36 years  experience talking and training investigators on their level

    • Numerous practicals throughout to track suspects and build up analysis of digital footprint

    • Hands on live tracking and deep web searching 

    • Best professional practice re digital hygiene and evidence gathering

    • Online Legend and persona building and use

    • FREE Exclusive access to online data base of  200+ OSINT tools

    • FREE Exclusive access to online practical advice, and tutorials

    • FREE included OSINT software for you to take away and keep

    • FREE USB with 1000+ OSINT tools links, glossaries, and OSINT manuals

    • FREE Email support and advice post course. 

Why learn with us?

This course is presented in a unique perspective- taking into account human behaviour,  real world actions and movements, digital footprints and good practice. Many courses offered in this arena do not have the benefit of experience from a trainer being a former  detective with 35 Years experience in cyber crime law enforcement. 


It also focusses on good digital practice and hygiene, to protect the officer , but to also provide the courts with the best level of evidence possible.  

What are the benefits?

This course is delivered by an investigator, to investigators. Whilst there are some slightly technical aspects to the course, the emphasis is on the delegate understanding how to use tools and practical exercises are carried out throughout the 3 days, in order for the delegate to have an excellent working knowledge of how to use the tools and techniques.  


There is no pre requisite knowledge or skills required to attend and successfully complete this course, other than the ability to use search engines on a PC. Delegates will be expected to bring a laptop with them to use. Attendees will download free and have included software during the course which they can take away with them and use post- course, in the fight to combat online criminality.


The course has an emphasis on practicals throughout online, and off line,  where the student can practice and be proficient in the practice of open source researcher.  Every session during the three days will have practical exercises throughout. 


Delegates will Also be provided with a USB at the end of the course with 1000 tools, documents and course notes which they will be able to keep as an aide memoire. Exclusive access to tutorials online and a library of 200+ tools, to practice and continue the methods taught on the course, when back in the workplace. 


Certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the course for all delegates, which will enhance their career development and career goals for the future. 


Key areas covered


    • Online profile interrogation and building.

    • Social network data harvesting.

    • Device tracking

    • Searching for data in the deep web

    • OSINT tool use and practicals

    • Live tracking and monitoring

    • Best practice in intelligence and evidence gathering

    • Search techniques and awareness.

    • Pro active and innovative techniques

    • Understanding social engineering and using it against targets.


Certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the course for all delegates, which will enhance their career development and career goals for the future.

Full course details here

5 day Cyber Open source (OSINT) investigator course