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Darknet and crypto Workshop,

 9-10 JUNE 2021

09:00 EST 







Feedback from previous courses

"I have been around the child exploitation world for 12 years and I have to say this has been one of the best courses I have been on!!!. It was well put together and very informative. I appreciated the hands on practical aspect of the course as it assisted me in understanding the concepts that were being taught. 

You both have a wealth of knowledge and I thank you for sharing!"

"Thank you so much for the outstanding course. The content and examples were excellent. Thank you so much again for all the information shared and I am looking forward to taking more courses"

"I sat the course last year to see if it was worth it, and immediately booked my entire team onto the next. Crazy good. "

About the Course

a 2 day intensive workshop on crypto currency awareness and tracking, with darkweb understanding and tracking techniques. 



Mission Statement

The workshop, held over 2 days, covers the very best up to date methods and tradecraft to equip the modern day darkweb investigator with all the latest cutting edge tools and proactive investigation methodology. The content of this unique course not offered anywhere else. The course material is supported by real world examples and incidents. This is not a general lecture course. This course will provide the student with the understanding of how to accomplish effective investigation of OSINT and Darknet investigations. The course will allow Law enforcement to step up their investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations the anonymity of the Darknet.  The course is strictly restricted to Government and police as it contains new and innovative methodology and techniques.

Course structure

The course is designed to take the student through the full spectrum of topics necessary to be an effective Cyber Internet investigator. Whether it’s chasing cryptocurrencies, tracking paedophiles through keywords or images, or simply finding deep buried and historic data on your target, on the Darknet or the open web, this is the course for you. From network exploration and how we all leave digital footprints, to device tracking and bitcoin analysis, The course focusses on all online offenders and organised criminal gangs from financial criminal behaviour to offenders against children. 

The course also covers in detail, tracking and tracing images, Exif and meta-data, and live internet searches. The foray into the Darknet includes everything you need to know about anonymous networks their use, finding targets and tracing data on hidden networks. What cryptocurrency is and how it facilitates crime on the Darknet and how law enforcement can trace and analyse transactions.

Students will receive

Students will each receive an electronic copy of the course material, handouts and cheat-sheets for quick reference to detailed information sources and a course ONLINE LIBRARY   with associated software and resource material. Included on the LIBRARY are the software tools used during the course, tutorials and over 1000 OSINT tool links to ensure they continue to have the tools they need, post course.


Understanding the Dark Web 

Understanding what the Darknet really is can be a challenge.  The technology behind the Darknet is not a single program or location. This session will explore what the Darknet is and how it differs from the Deepweb.


Setting up a safe browser to track and trace covertly

 This session will look at the Tor network how it works and methods for using it during an investigation.


CryptoCurrency and its use in the Darknet

Do you need to understand how to track the funds through various cryptocurrencies?  How do wallets work and is there any evidence I can use when I find one? This session will provide you with the ability to understand and deal with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during you investigations.


Advanced Darknet/Dark Web Investigations, identifying the anonymous user

Are there legally available methods which we can implement to identify anonymous users on the Internet? The answer is definitely yes.  This session will discuss the techniques available to the investigator to identify users of anoymization on the Internet.


Covert online searching and profile building 

Tracking duplicates, sources uploading, meta data and exif data interrogation and identifiers to establish device, location, source and tracking. Hashing and searching for sharing and uploading significant images. Providing sufficient data and intel to support dissemination to active teams and support warrants and DSA.

Darkweb images track and trace

Tracking duplicates, sources uploading, meta data and exif data interrogation and identifiers to establish device, location, source and tracking. Hashing and searching for sharing and uploading significant images. Providing sufficient data and intel to support dissemination to active teams and support warrants and DSA. 

Darkweb forum and marketplace interrogation

Looking at interrogating the data travelling in and out of a marketplace to identify the users


Provision and access to over 1200 OSINT tools on my dedicated investigator training site which is a library of tools collected over the last 35 years in LEA. These cover everything. Delegates will be given access forever. Historic and specific searching. 

Website analysis 

Deep and covert searching of links and connections into a website; common or accessed sites sharing the same server space. Identifying IP and owners of sites and upload location. Possible server vulnerabilities and exploits  

Social engineering tricks and exploits 
This session gives the delegate an understanding of the origins, impact and harm that the modern criminal social engineer plays in crime and intelligence security in the modern day internet. It covers both attack and defence. Can we identify, exploit and copy their tactics? 


Covert (non attrib) and non identifying search methods. Deep searching and analysis. Alternative tool and site searching. footprint reduction and incognito browsing. Non identifying profile creation using virtual mobiles and emails to allow registration. 

OSINT legend building 

Non attributable SN profile and legend building, tradecraft and good digital hygiene around this area. 

Other identifiers of value 

Mac IMSI and IMEI, SSID and BSSID identifiers that will be of significant value to the investigation. Their anomalies, values, and potential. Port scanning and network analysis 


Online secure 


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